Winter 2 Duration:

  • 8 Game Session (Typically one game per week, barring unexpected weather and holidays. There are no practices with our indoor leagues.)
  • Session Begins: As early as Saturday, 01/20/2024 for some divisions
  • Session Ends: Tentatively through late March into April 2024
  • First Games: All teams will be emailed their first game time at least a week in advance, after the Bracket Review period has closed.
    • Please ensure the email used to submit the registration is spelled correctly on the form & checked frequently as all communications will be sent via email.

Winter 2 Divisions:

  • U5 - U6 COED
  • U8 Girls, U10 Girls, U12 Girls, U14 Girls, U16 Girls
  • U8 Boys, U10 Boys, U12 Boys, U14 Boys, U16 Boys

Division Days of Play:

  • U3 - U4 COED: Sundays
  • U5 - U6 COED: Saturdays
  • U8 Girls - U16 Girls: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
  • U8 Boys - U16 Boys: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays

Team Pricing: 

  • Small Field U6 - U10: $800/team (+ registration/processing fees)
    • Additional $12 referee fee per game per team
  • Large Field U12 - U16: $875/team (+ registration/processing fees)
    • Additional $12 referee fee per game per team

Team Uniforms: Each team is responsible to provide a primary uniform for their team as well as a back up uniform in the event of a color conflict with another team. The Home team is required to change shirts in the event of a color conflict. 

Winter 2 Bracket Review: T&C will offer a "Bracket Review" period for teams to review their division placement and provide any final scheduling requests. This is currently set to be posted on this page by Tuesday, 01/02/2024 and will be open until Wednesday, 01/03/2024. T&C must receive all bracket modifications and scheduling requests by the close of the Bracket Review on Wednesday, 01/03/2024.

Team Registration: Registration Deadline is currently set for Thursday, 12/28/2023.

Winter 1 Team Priority Registration: Any current Winter 1 Indoor Team that registers by the above deadline will have priority for acceptance consideration over new applications. This does not guarantee Winter 2 acceptance.

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