active seniors

active seniors

Active Seniors


These classes are perfect for our "active seniors" but are not "senior or silver sneaker exclusive" & can be taken by all ages & experience levels! The low intensity & low impact levels are great for those with joint/muscle issues or for anyone post-therapy who's looking to ease back into fitness! 

Please note that the Intensity & Impact levels can vary slightly from instructor to instructor.

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chair yoga

Incorporates sitting & standing yoga exercises, using the chair to increase flexibility, strength & balance while decreasing muscle/joint stress.

Low Intensity, Low Impact


fit senior

A more advanced senior class that combines "F"lexbility, "I"mprove balance & posture, & "T"oning of the muscles with motivating music to keep moving!

Low to Medium Intensity, Low Impact



A great class for all seniors that combines low impact movements & a chair to keep you healthy & strong for daily living! You do not have to be a Silver Sneaker to participate!

Low Intensity, Low Impact

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