single session: $15
5 pack: $60
10 pack: $109

Want to increase your strength, cardio capacity and overall athleticism at the same time?  The Russian kettle bell is a “portable gym with a handle” that will allow you to increase muscular strength and explosiveness and challenge you to train at a high cardio interval level, that will transfer to other activities such as running.

With regular kettlebell use you will see improvements in full-body strength and functional movement patterns of the shoulders, back, legs and hips.

  • The simplistic design of the kettlebell allows for increased loads for swinging between the legs, unlike a barbell or dumbbell, initiating the drive and power from the hips.
  • The single hand swing offers a unique offset center of gravity that challenges the torso and stabilizers of the shoulder creating resilient, healthy, mobile shoulders.
  • The hip hinge used in kettlebell swings requires properly loading the Glutes, and increasing the ability of the muscles of the gluteus maximums to “fire” and activate, taking some of the workload off the back, bringing the Glutes out of their “glute amnesia”.
  • Tight hip flexors decrease hip extension, which inhibits gluteal contraction. Hip flexors are taken from full contraction/hip hinge to full extension with every swing.  When hip flexors are tight they pull the pelvis and create unwanted tension on the lower back and interfere with posture
  • Single-hand work creates increased spinal stability and muscular endurance of the back.  During kettlebell exercises the entire torso is working on anti-rotation and bracing to maintain the correct path of the bell direction, whether it is a swing, press or squat movement.  Working under this constant bracing and pressurized environment achieves a cylinder of strength and safety.
  • Kettlebell training provides resistance and load without impact; maintains and increases bone density without the negative effects of high impact training and with safe loads placed on the spine and other joints creates a stable, durable body.
  • The kettlebell protocol of explosive intervals followed by bouts of active recovery creates the ultimate fat-burning experience.

What to expect/what to wear: Typically kettlebell training is done WITHOUT shoes.  The reason for this is the “feedback” or proprioception you receive from the floor.  The foot and ankle complex will be working as your “foundation” to maintain balance and stability.  Shoes mask or artificially support the foot, training without your shoes will give you super strong feet…Building a strong foundation from the foot up!  As an option, flat Converse style shoes or minimalist five-finger shoes can be worn, socks are acceptable but don’t have the desired “grip” surface and may allow for some movement within the sock.

During the kettlebell sessions learn the proper technique for the Swing, Clean, Press, Goblet Squat, Turkish Get-up and other progressions. Training sessions will meet in the upstairs group training room, and revolve around ballistic and grind kettlebell exercises balanced out with some barbell and progressive body weight training. 

Sessions coached by Michelle Infante RKC Instructor
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