League Rules

T&C Adult Volleyball League Rules

C+ / Quads
Upper Comp

Lower Comp


• Sets < 2 rotations
• No double hit
• Teams should attempt 3 hits

• No excessive rotation
• No double hit

• Loose set calls
• Excessive double contact will be called







*Refs will use their best judgment on calls based off the teams’ skill levels

SCORING: Sets 1 & 2 play to 25 – win by 2, cap 27. Set 3 plays to 15 pts –  win by 2, cap 17. (TOURNAMENT) Best 2 of 3. Sets 1 & 2 play to 21 - win by 2, no cap. Set 3 if needed plays to 15 -- win by 2, no cap.

: 4 players (2 min).  UP TO 3 males on court - must have minimum of 1 female.
: 6 players (3 min).  UP TO 3 males on court - must have minimum of 1 female

: players in the back row can only attack the ball above the net if they jump behind the 10 ft line. Players cannot block or attack a serve from on or inside the 10 ft line. There is no "10 ft rule" in sand.

LONGNECKS POINTS: 1 pt awarded every set (3 per match); Team with the most Pts at the end of the season will be awarded a Longnecks Gift Card.

SPIKING & BLOCKING: receiving team is not allowed to block or attack a served ball. The team that has affected the block is allowed 3 more contacts.

NET PLAY: Players may not touch the net while making a play on the ball. If 2 opposing players touch the net simultaneously, the ball is replayed. You may go under the net as long as there is no interference with the play or opposing players.

GROUND RULES: A ball hitting the ceiling, lights, basketball hoops, etc. is playable if it remains on the court-side of the team playing the ball. 

LEGAL PLAY: It’s legal to contact the ball with any part of the body as long as the ball rebounds immediately. If 2 teammates contact the ball simultaneously, it counts as 1 contact, and any player may play the ball.

ILLEGAL PLAY: Players are not permitted to lift, hold, or throw the ball. The ball may not be contacted with an open-underhanded motion. Judgment calls are at the discretion of the referee – NO REBUTTALS.

LINEUP / ROTATION: Players rotate clockwise when possession changes to their side. Only players in the front row (near the net) may switch positions, and only after the ball is served. They must switch back to their original spots at the end of the volley. 

ROSTER: Rosters should not fluctuate throughout the session; however, substitutes may be used in order to field players. Subs not listed on the original roster are required to sign a waiver before playing.

SUBSTITUTIONS: There is no maximum number of substitutions. Teams may sub at any dead ball.

CONDUCT: Nobody should act in an unsporting manner while on or near the court. Unsporting conduct is penalized as follows: 1)Verbal Warning from a referee; 2) Final warning 3) Ejection. Any player ejected will be required to leave the premises. Any player who accumulates 2 ejections throughout the season will be immediately suspended from the league. NO FIGHTING. NO VERBAL ABUSE or TAUNTING. THIS IS A FAMILY FACILITY.

FORFEITS: Teams are strongly encouraged to arrive 20 minutes early for their games. A forfeit will be declared if a team does not field the required number of eligible players by the designated game time. Multiple forfeits will result in the team being dropped from the tournament; teams that are removed due to forfeits are not eligible to receive refunds.

ALCOHOL/FOOD: No outside food or alcohol is allowed into the facility. Sports drinks/water is allowed but must be in a sports bottle (no fountain cups)

ATTIRE: Family-appropriate athletic attire. 

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