youth spring team info

Session Duration: This session will be 6 games (one game per week for 6 weeks) beginning mid-March and lasting through early May 2022.

Game Duration: Each game will begin with a brief Warm Up Period, followed by 4 6-minute quarters of live game play.

Registration Deadline: February X, 2022

Registration Requests: If your team has any conflicts with certain days of play, please include this on the comments section of your team's registration form - we cannot accept any requests once registration has closed and the Bracket Review is completed.

Days Of Play: (insert link here)

Full Schedules: The entire schedule for this session should be posted online no later than the date of your team's first game. Please refer to the website for the most up-to-date schedule in case of any unforeseen changes.

Field Location: All games will be played on our Ortho Cincy Large Indoor Field. The field will be split into 2 smaller fields - 1A DDX Transport field and 1B Ortho Cincy field. The field dimensions will be x yds by x yds - allowing us to imitate outdoor field dimensions indoors, without the use of the indoor walls.

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