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swim lesson schedule / level descriptions

Click here to register for the Summer Session!
The deadline to register is Sunday, June 25th.
The Summer Session will begin the week of June 26th.

summer schedule


tuesday wednesday thursday saturday
goldfish (parent & child level1) 9-9:30pm
turtles (parent & child level 2) 9:30-10am
jellyfish (level 1) 5-5:30pm 11:30am-12pm 5-5:30pm


bluefish (level 2) 5:30-6pm 11:30-am-12pm 5:30-6pm


starfish (level 3) 6-6:30pm 12-12:30pm 6-6:30pm 10-10:30am
dolphins (level 4) 6:30-7pm 12-12:30pm 6:30-7pm 10:30-11am
orcas (swim school) 9-9:45am


level descriptions

  • children 9 months to 3 years
    • goldfish (parent & child level 1: 9 months to 2 years): This class emphasizes safety, water adjustment, comfort in the water for both parents and children, and most of all, fun!
    • turtles (parent & child level 2: 2 to 3 years): This class builds upon the skills learned in parent & child level 1. Children will continue to work on front and back floats, and will be learning new skills such as kicking, bubble blowing, and glides.
  • children ages 3 and up
    • jellyfish (level 1): Introduces children to basic water and safety skills. Children will work on basic bubble blowing and increase their comfort level in the water.
    • bluefish (level 2): Teaches children the basics of floating and water safety. Children will learn floating on their front and back and will begin working on both arm and leg action on their front and back.
    • starfish (level 3): Works on freestyle, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, and treading water.
    • dolphins (level 4): Works on backstroke and breaststroke as well as building endurance on both freestyle and elementary backstroke.
    • orcas (sting ray swim school): Builds endurance while refinning swimming skills. Swimmers will work on all four competitive strokes, lifesaving strokes, turns and other fun aquatic skills. 

If you are not sure what level your child would fall under, please contact Kim at!