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Spring Soccer - Youth Soccer Options

Schedules Posted

Email sports@tcsportshealth.com if you have questions.


Spring Kick Start League: Beginner players wanted! Enjoy six games - each with a warm-up period followed by 4 quarters of play! This will be held on our small indoor soccer field.

  • 2018s: 4v4 - GK Optional
  • 2017s: 4v4 GK Optional
  • 2016s: 4v4 - GK Optional

Spring Starters Small-Sided League: Looking for a league or supplemental league for your team or your player? We are here for a consistent weekly game. We will play 8 games, each consisting of 2 - 15 minute periods. Our fields for this league are indoors and will be played on our large turf field without the use of walls. The field will be 28-33 yards x 20-24 yards - just like your outdoor leagues, but indoors and climate controlled.

Cost: $70/player; Recommended roster sizes will be 6-9 players

Days of play: Weekends (open scheduling for week nights); League should begin mid to late April; REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED!

  • 2015s: 4v4 + GK
  • 2014s: 4v4 + GK
  • 2013s: 4v4 + GK
  • 2012s: 4v4 + GK




Field Rental: Indoor turf space is available for rent subject to restrictions on participants and spectators. The costs for indoor field rentals are

  • Large Indoor Walled Field:  $200/hour
  • Small Indoor Walled Field:  $135/hour
  • New Turf Futsal Field: $150/hour

Contact Ryan if you have questions on field rental, availability, and available discounts for members and recurring customers.