Group Exercise


Looking to break a sweat while having fun in a group/team atmosphere? 

Town & Country offers it's members over 200 group exercise classes every month for all levels! The current month's schedules are listed on the left hand side of this page and a description of the classes are listed below.



A great way to get moving and challenge yourself in this cardio workout.

Aqua Circuit

A great cardio workout with muscle conditioning exercises added. Two workouts in one!

Aqua Zumba

A Latin dance party in the pool! Keep moving with great international music and moves.

Barbell Blast

Tone and define muscles while raising metabolic rate for rapid fat-burning! Workouts will target all major muscle groups.


In this class you will be using the barre and additional props to complete a full body, pilates-based, non-impact workout.

Chair Yoga

A Yoga class incorporating a chair that increases flexbility, strength and balance, while decreasing stress and tension.

Circuit 45

A high volume, low resistance, workout with short rest intervals, geared primarily at improving muscle tone and definition. 

Fit Senior

This class is for the advanced senior that can really move! A great combination class: F-Flexibility, I-Improves balance and posture, and T-Tone muscles. Keep your body moving like you should.

Intense 45

A sweat fest! Burning ultimate calories in just 45 minutes through interval training. 


Punch and kick your way to a better body. This class is great for all fitness levels. High energy for everyone!

Muscle Mix

Increase muscular strength and endurance by using the bars with plates, increase the weight as often and as much as you can. Building muscle= burning fat


A muscle-sculpting, core-firming combination of pilates and yoga with the strength and flexibility advantages. A true fat burning, low impact workout!


A mat workout to strengthen and stretch the whole body gaining long lean muscles. Strengthen the core from the inside out. If the core is strong, the rest of the body will follow.

Pound Fit

An upbeat, heart pumping, fast moving workout that uses 1/2 lb. drumsticks for a full body exhilarating rockin workout!


A one stop body shock! RIPPED is a sporty workout that includes Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, and Endurance. You burn 750-1,000 calories while working to FUN music. Cardio, weights, FUN, DONE! Are you ready to get RIPPED?

Silver Sneakers

A great class for seniors that combines moves to keep you healthy and strong for daily living. Incorporates a chair for most of the class.

Silver Splash

Low impact class for seniors and Silver Sneaker members using aquatic equipment to improve coordination and agility.


Experience the journeys... ride the flats and hills, sitting, standing, jumping and sprinting. A mega cardio burning class without impact. NOTE: Please arrive for class at least 10 mins. early to set up your bike for the ride.


Awesome cardio workout using an elevated platform with various moves for an intense workout.

Super Splash

Intense cardio class to bunr more calories! Be ready to sweat!

Surf Fit

Achieve better balance, agility, and control while building lean muscle and a stronger core with the instability of the constant "wave" created by the RipSurfer X surfboard by SurfSet.

Surf Pilates

A pilates class that incorporates the surf board to challenge your balance along with the lower back, legs, and abdominal muscles. Get on board with a unique way to strengthen your core!


Extreme interval training that pushes you hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for 4 rounds of alternating exercises.  Burns the calories right off!

Turbo Kick

A class that combines traditional kickboxing moves with high intensity interval training for an unbelievable calorie burn!

Warm Water

This low intensity class loosens the muscles and helps increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion.

Warm Yoga

You will be guided through a series of traditional yoga poses utilizing props such as blocks and straps with the temperature at 80-82º.


A great mat class to increase flexibility, strength and balance while decreasing stress and tension. Great for any age or fitness level.

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