Why participate in a Group Class?

Working out in a group setting allows people to be in an atmosphere that gives them motivation from the instructor/friends, and most importantly have fun while breaking a sweat!

How do I sign up for a Group Class?

T&C Members can register for our Group Classes through our Member Portal online, through our free T&C app, or at our Front Desk. Check out our Group Class schedule below to learn about all of our classes each month!

What does "Intensity" mean for Group Classes? What does "Impact" mean for Group Classes?

We describe a class's intensity generally as how a class affects your breathing/heart rate

  • "Low" Intensity - light, quick breathing (not out of breath)
  • "High" Intensity - deep, rapid breathing

We describe a class's impact generally as how a class affects your joints/feet

  • "Low" Impact - sitting, light stepping, walking, dancing, etc.
  • "High" Impact - pounding of feet, running, jumping, burpees, etc.

**Please note that these levels can vary from person to person and from class to class**

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