Adult 5v5 "Turf Futsal" League - Summer 2021

TEAM Sign-Up Information

This League will be played on our Wall-Less Turf Field!

Contact sports@tcsportshealth.com with any questions.

Adult Summer Futsal Information:

  • 8 games minimum beginning mid to late June 2021
  • 5v5 leagues (4+GK) for Men's, Women's and COED divisions
  • Cost: $475/team
  • Days of Play: Pending
  • Registration Deadline: 6/2/2021



SUMMER 2021 General League Information:

  • Leagues will consist of 8 games.
  • Ref fees are $10 per team, per game for indoor games.

Additional Health,Safety and Entry Information:

We will continue to operate under Stay Healthy guidelines and have additional enhancements, procedures and guidelines for our soccer operations:

  • Face masks for all entrants are required. Players may remove their face masks during play. 
  • Social distancing is recommended
  • There is a new entrance that has been installed for rear entry traffic to separate incoming and outgoing foot traffic. 
  • Please note: Any closures (weather, health or otherwise) causing a season not to be played or to be cut short will result in a credit toward a future season.