December 3, 2020

December 3, 2020

To all:

We are looking forward to Monday, December 14, 2020 when we anticipate our return to play for all leagues and skills sessions.  Your schedules have been updated to reflect the  temporary closure - including a revised skills training schedule   More information can be found on our website under your respective program(s), and in the “Links” section of our Youth and Adult soccer pages.  

Given this temporary shut down - we have pushed back the deadline for Winter 2 Registration, which will open on December 14, 2020.  The deadline will be January 7, 2021.  All Winter 1 teams who complete their registration prior to the deadline will have priority, and a guaranteed spot in Winter 2.  Space will be limited. Acceptance is not guaranteed to any team or individual who registers after the deadline.  New in 2021, we will have a bracket review timeframe to allow for any questions on your assigned bracket. The specific dates of this review will be communicated after you complete registration. 

We have also created a Sports Communication Tab - offering a review and access to all group communications.  This is located in the links on each of our soccer pages.  If you suspect that some of your emails from our back office platform are being blocked - this will be a great resource to check for updates. 

Town & Country has and will continue to be hard at work preparing for everyone’s return - always looking to improve and offer you the best experience possible. More information to come as our return nears...


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