2015 Biggest Loser

Group Training

2015 Biggest Loser

Group Training is available to help participants learn how to improve their overall fitness, have fun, and experience the joy and excitement that comes with being part of a team.  Individuals who participate in this training range from experienced exercisers to those who have never participated in a regular fitness routine.  The team atmosphere allows individuals to share both the highs and lows that occur in a fitness routine and to experience the benefits of competing with others. 

Biggest Loser

The 2017 Biggest Loser dates will be up soon!

Town & Country wants to invite you to participate in our Biggest Loser Competition! We kick off the New Year with our annual Biggest Loser Competition in January. This 8 week program consists of a weigh in, 7 weeks of group training with a Town & Country certified personal trainer, and a weigh out. There will be several different teams- participants will be divided into teams according to the time of the day they are available to attend. The team that averages the most body fat loss over eight weeks will win the competition.

We will be using the Bod Pod to accurately estimate body fat as well as resting metabolic rate (RMR). RMR is used to effectively estimate the number of calories a person needs per day. This information is critical to losing body fat since the body will actually use muscle as fuel if a person does not take in enough calories. Sign up for the Biggest Loser with the Bod Pod test today and start 2017 off the right way!

The cost is $110/member or $132/non member

Price includes Bod Pod Assessment, group training sessions with your personal trainer, and a team t-shirt. Bod Pod Assessments are available January 7th-9th. Please contact your trainer to sign up if you haven't done so already.

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